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  • Traveling food

    I took the time to prepare food for my flight, knowing that I would leave mid-day and arrive late in San Antonio, where I’m teaching and mentoring with Saybrook University’s School of Mind-Body Medicine at the residential conference. I made a big salad, a frittata, and a small chopped salad. I ended up eating the […]

  • Fighting illness

    I notice that I hardly ever say “I have a flu” – I’m more likely to say “I am fighting a flu.” That feels more true to what I experience. My body is fighting something, more or less successfully. This time it seems relatively successful, as it’s only been two days, and I’m feeling somewhat […]

  • Turkey pot pie with pumpkin crust

    Found a wonderful new recipe for using up that leftover turkey, from Clean Eating magazine, with a few adaptations. I used frozen mixed vegetable, a combination of shelled edamame, carrots, peas, beans, and corn, along with the onion and celery I had on hand. Also used butter for the crust – and it’s a wonderful […]

  • The Evolution of Leftovers

    My mother taught me that leftover cooking is all about creativity. When you get tired of having warmed up leftovers as is, it’s time to turn them into something else. So leftover cooked vegetables might go into a frittata or casserole or soup, leftover grains or beans might turn into soup. In fact, just about […]

  • Holiday Indulgences & Curry Yogurt Dressing

    The holiday season with its wealth of treats has begun, and my Sunday eating reflects it! I definitely had more of the Gianna’s cookies than I needed, along with a few yummy tartlets, and just too much food in general. I am so grateful that my appetite does balance itself out, so I found myself […]

  • Balance Over Time

    Any given day of eating can look out of balance or not so healthy if you look just at what was eaten in that 24 hour period. It’s the balance over time that makes the difference. Sunday we had an alumni gathering with potluck snacks, and my Meal 2 eating was scattered over an afternoon. […]

  • The Expense of Real Food

    A friend sent me a link to a Mark Bittman article,  “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?” that is worth reading, particularly for those who claim they can’t manage to eat real food because it is so much more expensive than processed food. It may be more “expensive” in terms of your time – it does take […]

  • The Midwestern Contrast

    Over dinner last night my photo-taking of food grew into a quite a bit of laughter as the conversation turned to the comparison of the plate of my friend with midwestern eating patterns (lasagna and a very white looking salad) and the other choices at the table (like my arugula beet salad and chicken breast). […]

  • Making the healthy choice

    There are many stages of awareness and understanding of how to eat healthfully (not to mention a variety of ideas about what that means!), but once we have chosen a path towards supportive eating, there is still the issue of actually making the right choices in the moment. The first step to shifting a habit […]

  • Smoothie as workout indicator

    You can usually tell when I’ve done a serious resistance training or interval training workout by the smoothie that shows up on my daily photo collage. There are the odd days when I just can’t manage a smoothie afterwards and make do with the best substitute I can for an easily absorbed food with 2:1 […]