Tag: fitness

  • Rebalancing

    I’ve been eating too much – time to really tune in to how much my body needs! Got out for a walk through the woods today, felt good to be outside getting some exercise again. I know those two things are connected for me – theĀ more consistent my exercise, the more tuned in I am […]

  • Catching up with Myself

    Over the summer I spend many weeks inĀ intense engagement with the outside world through teaching, hosting workshops, and traveling. In between, when I’m home at Skyote Mountain, I catch up with myself. Not that I don’t spend time connecting with myself while I’m away – if I didn’t I would not manage those trips and […]

  • Is the goal “thin” – or “feeling good”?

    You may have been motivated to eat healthier and exercise because you want to be “thin” – there are certainly plenty of messages all around us telling us that we must look a certain way to (fill in the blank with whatever your goals in life are – to love and be loved, to have […]