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  • A Week of Mindful Choices

    I have been careful this week in┬ámy food choices and amounts, and I am feeling more energetic and lighter in response. Looking forward to a bit more range in my choices on Saturday–a planned indulgence day! I am pleased to have made an accountability agreement with a friend to check in with each other by […]

  • The essence of ritual

    I had no Passover seders to go to this year, so I did what I usually do in that situation: I took care of bringing a mini-seder essence of Passover to whoever I was with. We were with a small group of friends who have become extended family over the many years we have gathered […]

  • Goat Cheese Papaya Mango Dip

    It’s been raining here, and I’ve been sitting at the computer and working for way too many hours this week. We got out Friday night for a visit with old friends (you can see what we munched on in meal 3 on 3.16). I whipped up a dip to bring with the raw celery, orange […]

  • Community connections

                            Some friends and colleagues of mine held an open house Friday for their new counseling center, a lovely remodeled cottage with room for groups, and a kitchen for cooking, and a garden out back. Diana Elwyn and Barbara Christie and I all met […]

  • Checking in

    I am truly grateful that I have so many places where I can check in – with friends and family and colleagues who I love and respect and who love and respect me, and who care about what is going on with me. Not just the stories of what’s happening, but the thoughts and feelings […]

  • From Kripalu to visiting with friends

    I’ve been so caught up with the whirlwind of travel that I haven’t been posting my photo collages – the days fly by and here I am with a huge amount of them to post! I’ll start with the transition from Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health’s deliciously challenging meals to the lovely visit with […]