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  • The essence of ritual

    I had no Passover seders to go to this year, so I did what I usually do in that situation: I took care of bringing a mini-seder essence of Passover to whoever I was with. We were with a small group of friends who have become extended family over the many years we have gathered […]

  • Malabar Café/Asian Rose in Santa Cruz

    We had dinner at the Malabar Cafe’ in Santa Cruz before going to the Glow Festival of Fire & Light. Pictured above is the Winter Vegetable Korma Curry. Three of us shared this and the Dosa filled with Eggplant and two small plates: one cauliflower in a wonderful sauce, the other a banana papaya salad. All was […]

  • Community connections

                            Some friends and colleagues of mine held an open house Friday for their new counseling center, a lovely remodeled cottage with room for groups, and a kitchen for cooking, and a garden out back. Diana Elwyn and Barbara Christie and I all met […]

  • Reconnecting in Seattle

    We’re here for just a few days to do some further packing up at our old condo (anyone interested in buying a wonderful condo in Kirkland with a view of the Olympics?), and reconnected with the folks we met almost monthly for dinner when we lived here. Had a lovely dinner at May Thai in […]

  • $20 at the farmer’s market

    I had only a twenty dollar bill and some change, and we are heading up to Seattle in a few days anyway, so I knew I didn’t need much and could restrain myself at the Santa Cruz Wednesday downtown Farmer’s Market. This is what I came home with, all organic, $20.75. Onions, romanesco broccoli (it […]

  • Checking in

    I am truly grateful that I have so many places where I can check in – with friends and family and colleagues who I love and respect and who love and respect me, and who care about what is going on with me. Not just the stories of what’s happening, but the thoughts and feelings […]

  • Food & Community

    I have hosted our west coast family Thanksgiving gathering since we finished building the house here at Skyote Mountain. We met before that at the Sacramento home of my first cousin once-removed, but with the loss of a few family members, and the addition of our new home with lots of room for everyone, it […]

  • A house full of wonderful energy and food

    The second day of our supervision/workshop with Stephen Gilligan went very well, and ended with a lovely dinner, conversation, and singing before bed. The dinner menu: Salmon Algiers Couscous with Chickpeas Salad Plum Crumble with Ice Cream   Fish Algiers 2 lb fish fillet 1 1/3 Tbs cumin seed, whole 3 1/2 Tbs olive oil […]

  • Gluten-free feast

    Just finished cleaning up from a wonderful group of women who came for a day of singing and yoga Saturday at our Skyote Mountain retreat. Heather Houston asked me to cook a gluten-free dinner for us all, so I put this menu together: Enchiladas Negras (with vinegared onions and cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes) Quinoa with […]

  • More on Ceremony

    Rituals are transformative, while ceremonies are confirmative (Heinz, 2004), although there is certainly room for overlap. In my work I have tended to focus on rituals, planned sequences in sacred space that are designed to shift consciousness, both in the moment of the ritual, and in  lives beyond that moment. In my workshops teaching ritual […]