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Finishing up 2011

We are already two days into the new year, and I'm finally finishing up the food collages for the last days of 2011. I plan to keep up with these daily food collages, as they definitely do keep me accountable and attentive to what I am...

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My computer is back, but we're setting it up with a new, larger hard drive - which means installing everything from scratch. Some of it is just time-consuming, other parts require the assistance of my in-home tech service - my husband,...

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Making the healthy choice

There are many stages of awareness and understanding of how to eat healthfully (not to mention a variety of ideas about what that means!), but once we have chosen a path towards supportive eating, there is still the issue of actually...

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Pulling out the weeds (and habits)

Often when I am doing my sprint intervals around the loop on our land, I find myself near a patch of French broom during an active rest period, and pull broom instead of walking. Yesterday as I did this I thought about weed-pulling. There...

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