Category: Teaching & Workshops

  • The week is gone, time to move on

    Both universities that I teach for right now are primarily online (though I just finished spending time with some of them this weekend face to face as we began the Spring Quarter for the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology’s MA in Spiritual Guidance). This means we spend one week on each discussion topic; one week to […]

  • Gratitude for the sharing

    The Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Training is done, and I am once again feeling grateful for the many places I have in my life where people take the risk to share with each other in a deep way. As the participants of this training return home with new insights, I wish them well in bringing what […]

  • Checking in

    I am truly grateful that I have so many places where I can check in – with friends and family and colleagues who I love and respect and who love and respect me, and who care about what is going on with me. Not just the stories of what’s happening, but the thoughts and feelings […]

  • Ponderings on my path

    A student wrote asking me about the training, experiences, career choices, realizations that have brought me to my present work. As I began my response, I realized that I had written some of this already, and that perhaps others might be interested as well. So, after a bit of updating, a very non-food oriented blog […]

  • So much to do and the year just started!

    There is a lot I want to achieve this year, and to avoid overwhelm I am just plugging along, doing what I can do, one step at a time. No point in getting stressed about it – that will definitely not move things any faster. Part of me wistfully yearns for some serious down time […]