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  • Reconnecting in Seattle

    We’re here for just a few days to do some further packing up at our old condo (anyone interested in buying a wonderful condo in Kirkland with a view of the Olympics?), and reconnected with the folks we met almost monthly for dinner when we lived here. Had a lovely dinner at May Thai in […]

  • Tea in my hotel room

    I don’t take photos of the tea I drink, but I do drink a lot of tea. I usually start the day with green tea, then have a yerba mate based tea later on, and sometimes something herbal. I bring plenty of tea bags when I travel, so I can have the kind I like. […]

  • Everything changes when I travel!

    Somehow¬†travel helps me reset my eating process to listen more closely to what I really want and need. I am more finely tuned when I am away from home. Since I’ve been eating a bit more than I’ve needed to in the past month or so, I’m finding that I’m eating less right now. Of […]

  • Last day of traveling food

    Flew home to Santa Cruz Friday, and I am so glad to be home, where I can have easier access to healthy food and my own cooking! I’m off to the Farmer’s Market in the morning, to stock up on whatever is seasonal. I’m hoping there are still abundant red, orange, and yellow peppers and […]

  • My own version of convention eating

    I had my last breakfast at my friend Barby’s on Tuesday, August 2nd – fresh organic berries with Greek yogurt. I had food with me for the plane ride from Boston to Washington, DC, and then I was just waiting to see how food plans would develop when I met up with my mother, step-dad, […]

  • Travel food

      After a day of running errands and packing up for the next leg of my summer travel, I prepared food Wednesday night to bring with me on the plane ride. I learned long ago that I am much happier eating my own brought-from-home food while traveling than relying on whatever I can find at […]