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The week is gone, time to move on

Both universities that I teach for right now are primarily online (though I just finished spending time with some of them this weekend face to face as we began the Spring Quarter for the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology's MA in...

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Finishing up 2011

We are already two days into the new year, and I'm finally finishing up the food collages for the last days of 2011. I plan to keep up with these daily food collages, as they definitely do keep me accountable and attentive to what I am...

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Food & Community

I have hosted our west coast family Thanksgiving gathering since we finished building the house here at Skyote Mountain. We met before that at the Sacramento home of my first cousin once-removed, but with the loss of a few family members,...

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Graduation Ceremony

I knew I would participate in my PhD ceremony, though I actually graduated in November 2009. But I forgot until the past few days how important these ceremonies can feel. Our culture doesn't have many ceremonies, and sometimes doesn't...

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Finding the Time

Another column from the past. Finding the Time by Selene Vega Santa Cruz CAMFT Newsletter, Sept/Oct 1995, Therapists for Social Responsibility column I know of someone who recently realized that he had saved up enough money from his...

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Fresh start

A new website, a new opportunity to share what I have to offer to those who find their way here. I hereby enter the world of blogging, and commit to putting into words some of the thoughts and ideas and feelings that travel around inside...

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