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Malabar Café/Asian Rose in Santa Cruz

We had dinner at the Malabar Cafe' in Santa Cruz before going to the Glow Festival of Fire & Light. Pictured above is the Winter Vegetable Korma Curry. Three of us shared this and the Dosa filled with Eggplant and two small plates:...

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Goat Cheese Papaya Mango Dip

It's been raining here, and I've been sitting at the computer and working for way too many hours this week. We got out Friday night for a visit with old friends (you can see what we munched on in meal 3 on 3.16). I whipped up a dip to...

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Shared meal & peasant bread

Friday night was a delicious meal of shared food, with new and old friends who came to visit. I made lentil soup and peasant black bread, and they brought endive with fruit/nut/cheese filling, stuffed baby portobellos, potatoes with...

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Community connections

                        Some friends and colleagues of mine held an open house Friday for their new counseling center, a lovely remodeled cottage with room for groups, and a...

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Citrus cravings

I came home with a huge amount of citrus from the farmer's market today (along with carrots, salad greens, radishes, fennel, cucumbers, apples, celery, cauliflower, oyster and shiitake mushrooms, sunflower seed sprouts, and beets). I...

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My current passion: This

My friend Dan asked all of us at dinner at the Conscious Creations Café in Santa Cruz what our current passions are. After I'd finished talking about my teaching and finding ways to touch people in a way that can make a difference in the...

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I've been eating too much - time to really tune in to how much my body needs! Got out for a walk through the woods today, felt good to be outside getting some exercise again. I know those two things are connected for me - the more...

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Reconnecting in Seattle

We're here for just a few days to do some further packing up at our old condo (anyone interested in buying a wonderful condo in Kirkland with a view of the Olympics?), and reconnected with the folks we met almost monthly for dinner when...

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