I’ve been eating too much – time to really tune in to how much my body needs! Got out for a walk through the woods today, felt good to be outside getting some exercise again. I know those two things are connected for me – the more consistent my exercise, the more tuned in I am to what’s good for my body. I will make an effort this weekend while I’m off at the ATP/ITP conference (Spirituality & Psychology: Promises & Pitfalls) to make sure I still get exercise daily!

Catching up with Myself

Over the summer I spend many weeks in intense engagement with the outside world through teaching, hosting workshops, and traveling. In between, when I’m home at Skyote Mountain, I catch up with myself. Not that I don’t spend time connecting with myself while I’m away – if I didn’t I would not manage those trips and events very well. But it’s very structured time with myself when I’m away, just because there isn’t much time for it. I’m very disciplined while traveling in terms of doing my workouts first thing in the morning, and spending some quiet reflection time just before bed.

When I’m home, it’s all very unstructured, and the time can get away from me. There are so many loose ends that need tying, and various chores that need doing, and emails to catch up on – not to mention going through mail and reading. It’s easier to miss my workouts when they don’t have to be so carefully scheduled. I’m not ready yet to structure my flexible schedule on days at home, but I am exploring how to make sure my workout time does not get lost in the looseness of the full days.

Is the goal “thin” – or “feeling good”?

You may have been motivated to eat healthier and exercise because you want to be “thin” – there are certainly plenty of messages all around us telling us that we must look a certain way to (fill in the blank with whatever your goals in life are – to love and be loved, to have the career you want, to be seen and appreciated by others, etc.) You might start thinking of your fitness program – and all you do to feel better, healthier, stronger – as your path to feeling good in the world and just stop thinking about “thin” at all. It’s not really the point is it? The point is about living your life fully day-to-day, in each moment. There is no reason to wait for that. You can start right now, on your next breath. And it doesn’t have to be all at once, just take the next step that is there before you. All you have to do is keep making the choice to do what feels like it takes you closer to who you really are – and I don’t mean the “thin” you, I mean the you who was waiting to be thin to come out!