Exploring Psyche & Soma: Creative & Healing States of Consciousness

This course is an opportunity to explore states of consciousness, touching deep parts of your self to integrate them more fully into your life. You are guided on journeys of deep relaxation and movement within a safe context, connecting with inner wisdom. You will learn a basic framework for creating sacred space, a flexible structure for working alone or with others, moving back and forth from words and images to somatic expression and movement. In this workshop you will discover states of expanded awareness and generative approaches to shifting the patterns in your life, and bringing a more conscious and intuitive presence to your life and relationships.

Through inner work and interactive experience you will:

  • Journey into inner terrain, bringing compassion and warmth to parts of yourself that have been pushed aside, hidden, or neglected and provide a safe place for those presences through movement and somatic expression
  • Bring new perspective and awareness to problems
  • Explore the balance of connection with self and connection with other, finding your center within dyad and group experience
  • Develop and deepen your individual practice for self-connection and preparation for connection with others as you learn how to structure rituals for healing, growth, and celebration

Course Fee: $325
April 26-28, 2013

Skyote Mountain, Santa Cruz, CA

Registration & Information: selene@spiritmoving.com
This group is limited to 18 participants. To reserve your space, send an email to selene@spiritmoving.com, and then send a check (refundable until April 12) made out to SpiritMoving to:
SpiritMoving, P.O. Box 1691, Santa Cruz, CA 95061
or pay through PayPal: