Entering Creative Consciousness

Many people find it difficult to enter into the creative process. They may be constrained by their sense of what is “appropriate behavior” or their discomfort about revealing too much of parts of themselves that may not match their sense of social identity. They may not want to expose, either to themselves or to others, the more vulnerable parts of themselves that might emerge. We can create an environment and context conducive to expression by moving into states of consciousness beyond ordinary mental activity. Guided into a light trance, our students and clients can connect with the deeper self. Beginning from this connection, creative expression can emerge from the authentic self.

Movement and trance are powerful tools for awakening self-awareness and opening ourselves and others to wider perspectives and profound potential for self-transformation and healing. From the grounding of movement originating in a trance state, we can open to other creative arts expressions, maintaining the connection to the deep self as we explore. This workshop will introduce the participants to a structure for exploring, individually and with others, using trance, ritual, and movement as tools to work more deeply in a contained and safe way.

 Learning objectives

As a result of taking this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand how to access deeper parts of themselves (and/or those they work with)
  2. Understand the basics of how to create a safe context for creative exploration
  3. Begin to use movement, trance, and ritual to deepen their self-exploration and group connection