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  • My own version of convention eating

    I had my last breakfast at my friend Barby’s on Tuesday, August 2nd – fresh organic berries with Greek yogurt. I had food with me for the plane ride from Boston to Washington, DC, and then I was just waiting to see how food plans would develop when I met up with my mother, step-dad, […]

  • From Kripalu to visiting with friends

    I’ve been so caught up with the whirlwind of travel that I haven’t been posting my photo collages – the days fly by and here I am with a huge amount of them to post! I’ll start with the transition from Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health’s deliciously challenging meals to the lovely visit with […]

  • So many ingredients!

    I’ve been photographing the ingredients cards for some of the dishes in the Kripalu cafeteria, so I can attempt to recreate some of the combinations at home. There are so many ingredients involved in what’s on my plate here at each meal that my text descriptions only scratch the surface. I’m certainly getting variety while […]

  • Struggling with portion control

    Thank goodness the largest portions are vegetables!  

  • Delicious but difficult

    That describes the meals here at Kripalu – difficult because it is all so good that I struggle to not overeat. I did much better today at taking smaller quantities, but still ate more than I probably needed. May all beings have such healthy abundance to nourish themselves!

  • Eating at Kripalu

    I am at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for the week, teaching Psychology of the Chakras. There is so much good food to eat at Kripalu that I find it a challenge to not overeat. My solution is to take a little bit of everything that I really want – but not too much. […]

  • Travel food

      After a day of running errands and packing up for the next leg of my summer travel, I prepared food Wednesday night to bring with me on the plane ride. I learned long ago that I am much happier eating my own brought-from-home food while traveling than relying on whatever I can find at […]

  • Eating what’s here

    I am in between travels for 2 days, unpacking from San Diego and repacking for teaching Psychology of the Chakras at Kripalu, visiting with friends and family, and then presenting at the APA (American Psychological Association) convention in Washington, DC. No time to get food for just a few days here, though we did have […]

  • Banana Nut Dried Fruit Protein Bars

    Every night while I am here at Trance Camp assisting and teaching I have prepared my food for the next day, getting breakfast ready to whip up into a smoothie, packing up morning and afternoon snacks, making a salad for my M3 lunch meal. Dinner and evening snack are bit more variable. Today I ate […]

  • The stabilizing influence of travel

    For many people, traveling disrupts their routines and it becomes difficult to keep food and exercise in balance. For me, the somewhat rigidly scheduled days of teaching or attending workshops or conferences away from home require me to find a specific and doable time to put the workouts and food preparation and stick with it. […]