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Preparing to travel

I spent Monday getting ready to travel for the next 5 weeks. Getting ready for my travels involves going through the food in my refrigerator to see what can be eaten before I leave, what can be taken with me for eating on the plane, and...

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Planned indulgences

I'm a believer in moderation and balance when it comes to eating. Most of what I put in my body is fairly healthy - and then I enjoy the planned indulgences (PIs) I intersperse between the meals that are supportive of good health. I aim...

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Summer fruit

I'm noticing that I'm eating more fruit - apricots, plums, nectarines, peaches, cherries. There's hardly room for apples on my daily menu anymore! At the farmer's market, I just can't resist the juicy, wonderful, colorful yumminess of...

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Gluten-free feast

Just finished cleaning up from a wonderful group of women who came for a day of singing and yoga Saturday at our Skyote Mountain retreat. Heather Houston asked me to cook a gluten-free dinner for us all, so I put this menu together:...

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The choices we make about food

Just read Scott Tousignant's blog, discussing his very reasoned and moderate approach to food choices. Definitely worth reading and thinking about! I gave a response expanding on my own thoughts about belief and values driven food choices...

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More Food Collages

I've been posting my daily food collages on FaceBook, and have received quite a bit of positive response, but have hesitated to put them here. My fear is that I could easily turn this blog into a food-oriented adventure, and much as I...

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Food for the day

I've been documenting my daily food consumption, as an awareness and accountability exercise. Thought I would post them here occasionally, and perhaps that will inspire some blog writing. I generally eat lots of protein and produce, with...

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