Preparing for the Rain

I was out and about the SF Bay Area yesterday, stopping for a meeting in Palo Alto, then picking up new business cards from Greenprinter in Berkeley and dropping in to visit friends before heading back. Then out again for a few more errands, getting what Rene’ needed for our washing machine repair adventure.

We’re trying to get everything done and ready for the predicted rain storm. Rene’ has been sweeping the driveway to clear the road of the rest of the debris downed in the last windstorm, over a month ago, and burning it. The washing machine is not the only repair going on right now – our main propane backup generator is down. We’ve been using the old, hand-pulled one for about an hour every other day to give us that bit of extra power to take us through on these still long nights, but in the rain, without sun on our solar panels, it will be every night. Not a great time for slow cooker recipes, but I will probably make some kind of hearty soup to sustain us through these cold, gray days. Recipe for that on the next post!