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I've been eating too much - time to really tune in to how much my body needs! Got out for a walk through the woods today, felt good to be outside getting some exercise again. I know those two things are connected for me - the more...

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Reconnecting in Seattle

We're here for just a few days to do some further packing up at our old condo (anyone interested in buying a wonderful condo in Kirkland with a view of the Olympics?), and reconnected with the folks we met almost monthly for dinner when...

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$20 at the farmer’s market

I had only a twenty dollar bill and some change, and we are heading up to Seattle in a few days anyway, so I knew I didn't need much and could restrain myself at the Santa Cruz Wednesday downtown Farmer's Market. This is what I came home...

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Finding rest when my body insists

I am fighting a cold, and wishing I had a few days of nothing to do. I am imagining laying in bed and reading fiction - it's been way too long since I've done that. Today had too much going on, so I struggled through what needed to be...

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Gratitude for the sharing

The Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Training is done, and I am once again feeling grateful for the many places I have in my life where people take the risk to share with each other in a deep way. As the participants of this training return...

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Tea in my hotel room

I don't take photos of the tea I drink, but I do drink a lot of tea. I usually start the day with green tea, then have a yerba mate based tea later on, and sometimes something herbal. I bring plenty of tea bags when I travel, so I can...

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Everything changes when I travel!

Somehow travel helps me reset my eating process to listen more closely to what I really want and need. I am more finely tuned when I am away from home. Since I've been eating a bit more than I've needed to in the past month or so, I'm...

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Winter Squash Minestrone Soup

As promised, a hearty winter soup. We enjoyed this as is the first night, then added veggie sausage after that, for more protein. Winter Squash Minestrone Soup 1 tablespoon olive oil 221 grams onion , chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 615...

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Preparing for the Rain

I was out and about the SF Bay Area yesterday, stopping for a meeting in Palo Alto, then picking up new business cards from Greenprinter in Berkeley and dropping in to visit friends before heading back. Then out again for a few more...

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