Self-Relations Supervision with Stephen Gilligan

July 21-24, 2022 (*CEs available) Selene Kumin Vega & Stephen Gilligan sitting cross-legged on the floor in the studio at Skyote Mountain where the supervision takes place. For the 20th year, Skyote Mountain hosts a supervision group with Stephen Gilligan.  This 3 1/2 day intensive community inspires breakthroughs at both personal and professional levels. Together we generate a safe ritual space in which to explore the technical and personal aspects of Self-Relations and trance work. Steve will teach Self-relations therapy through lecture, demonstration, small-group exercises, and sessions in the center of the group. Participants generally do personal work, though occasionally they invite clients for a consultation session. In each case, one or two coaches, a client, and Steve Gilligan join together as a team to support the work of the client. We especially focus on entering the “living” relational field that allows therapists/coaches and clients to work together in an experiential-somatic-cognitive conversation for change. Everyone has a chance to work, with some in the center of the circle, and others more privately within groups of three. These supervision groups are legendary in their capacity to nurture and awaken your soul into action. Teachings are appropriate for healthcare professionals as well as the general public. Healthcare professionals will be able to incorporate the tools and practices offered in this program to support clients or patients. Poetry, Play, and Pantry Expect poetry and music and dancing. Bring your drum or other musical instruments if you have them. Healthy meals and snacks are provided (organic whenever possible, with fresh produce from the local farmer’s market). We will all share some cooking and clean-up duties, but these are fairly light and non-intrusive, and provide an opportunity to connect with each other outside the sessions. Please let us know any dietary needs in advance so we can respond to them as best we can. Learning Objectives

At the end of the program, participants will be better able to:

  • Discuss the difference between client-centered versus therapist-led sessions
  • Explain the role of chronic stress in physical and mental health and illness
  • Describe the difference between neuromuscular lock and the creative flow state
  • Apply the request protocol to begin supervision sessions
  • Use relaxation to enter a state of therapeutic presence
  • Describe the importance of the COACH (centered, open, aware, connected, holding) state
  • List the three interacting minds of the generative self
  • Explain the importance of relaxation in creating proper conditions for creative solutions
  • Describe the importance of working with clients to identify resources
  • List three positive connections that support clients in generative change work
  • Describe the importance of the three positive connections for helpful client sessions
  • Use verbal statements, visual images, and somatic modeling to represent positive intention
  • Apply felt sense of mind-body connection for practitioner and client centering
  • Explain the purpose of identifying positive resources in sessions with clients
  • Describe the principle of utilization in working with clients
  • Apply mindfulness to problem states
  • List possible daily practices that can be used to sustain positive change

The workshop takes place at Skyote Mountain on 73 acres of redwood, fir, oak, and madrone forest in the Santa Cruz mountains, 20 minutes north of Santa Cruz, 25 minutes south of San Jose. About Stephen Gilligan Stephen Gilligan smiling

Stephen was one of the original NLP students at UC Santa Cruz; Milton Erickson and Gregory Bateson were his mentors. After receiving his psychology doctorate from Stanford University, he became one of the premier teachers and practitioners of Ericksonian hypnotherapy. This work unfolded into his original approaches of Self-Relations and Generative Self, and then further (in collaboration with Robert Dilts) into Generative Coaching. These different traditions have all been updated and integrated into the present Generative Change Work, which includes the applications of Generative Coaching, Generative Psychotherapy, Generative Trance, Hero’s Journey, and Systemic Change work.

He has taught in many different cultures and countries over the past 30 years, and has published extensively. His numerous books include The Hero’s Journey: A Voyage of Self Discovery (co-authored with Robert Dilts), the classic Therapeutic TrancesThe Courage to LoveThe legacy of EricksonWalking in Two Worlds (with D. Simon), and Generative Trance: The Experience of Creative Flow. His forthcoming book is Generative Coaching (co-authored with Robert Dilts).

Stephen Gilligan
Selene, Rene, & Josie smiling in the Skyote Mountain kitchen while Josie stirs food in a pot on the stove.
Cost for the workshop is $1050 ($25 discount if you pay by check, Zelle, or Google Pay), which includes meals Thursday breakfast through Sunday lunch.
Participants either commute locally, stay at accommodations nearby, or stay on-site in our 21′ diameter yurt (room for 6) or in a tent (accommodations at Skyote are an extra fee).
Registration & Information:
This group is limited to 18 fully vaccinated & boosted participants. To reserve your space, send an email to, and then send a $300 deposit (refundable until June 30) made out to SpiritMoving to:
SpiritMoving, P.O. Box 1691, Santa Cruz, CA 95061
or pay through Zelle (please send through the email address rather than phone number) or Google Pay, to
or PayPal, using this url:
*CE Information We are able to offer 24 CEs, at an additional fee of $80. Information on Continuing Education Credit for Health Professionals
  • Information on Continuing Education Credit for Health Professionals
    • CE credits for psychologists are provided by the Spiritual Competency Academy (SCA) which is co-sponsoring this program. The Spiritual Competency Academy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Spiritual Competency Academy maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
    • The California Board of Behavioral Sciences accepts CE credits for LCSW, LPCC, LEP, and LMFT license renewal for programs offered by approved sponsors of CE by the American Psychological Association.
    • LCSW, LPCC, LEP, and LMFTs, and other mental health professionals from states other than California need to check with their state licensing board as to whether or not they accept programs offered by approved sponsors of CE by the American Psychological Association.
    • SCA is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN Provider CEP16887) for licensed nurses in California. RNs must retain their certificate of attendance for 4 years after the course concludes.
    • For questions about receiving your Certificate of Attendance, contact Selene Vega at For questions about CE, contact Spiritual Competency Academy at