What is our highest potential?

Our highest potential as human beings is to truly embrace the mutual interdependence of all the beings of this world and to value the full development of potentialities and consciousness for all. From the viewpoint of psychology and movement, this involves an ongoing process of healing the wounds in our psyches, fully inhabiting our bodies, increasing our consciousness while developing a healthy relationship with those parts of ourselves that are unconscious, and deepening our relationships with other humans as well as with all the other inhabitants of the planet we share. Each of us has our own individual potential to grow towards, and this question is one that we can continue to ask throughout our lives.

What inspires us to achieve that potential?

We can be inspired by so many things; by those we see modeling creative, conscious lives and choices and relationships, by watching those who live self-actualized lives and make a difference in the world, by stories and legends and dreams.

What holds us back?

Unhealed wounds hold us back. There are many obstacles out there in the world that can slow us down and make the path rocky and difficult. As long as we continue to take steps, small as they might be, that are in alignment with our value, we are on the path to living our highest potential.

What can assist us in staying on the path?

Stay open and flexible.

Develop resiliency.

Be willing to experiment – and willing to fail and learn.

Everything is grist for the mill. Even when you have setbacks and struggles, there is so much to learn that can then help you to continue along your journey. There just isn’t much use in self-recrimination – each moment is another opportunity to make a new choice, and punishing yourself for past mistakes (even when you are just emerging from them) is not helpful. In this moment, what is the best way to take your next step (which may be large or small, energetically outreaching, or quietly replenishing)?