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Psychospiritual Clinician’s Handbook
Walking in Two Worlds: The Relational Self in Theory, Practice, and Community

Co-authored with Anodea Judith

The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body, and Spirit Through the Chakras

Combining yoga, psychotherapy, movement and ritual, the authors, Anodea Judith and Selene Vega , weave ancient and modern wisdom into a powerful tapestry of techniques for facilitating personal growth, healing and transformation.

Covering major areas of concern, this self-help journey guides the reader through seven areas of consciousness related to the energy centers of ancient yoga, known as chakras. To fully thrive, all of the chakras need to be open and functioning in balance with the others. Leftover distress from hurtful childhood experiences and oppressive cultural conditioning can damage the chakras and impair our functioning in vital areas.

Based on their popular nine-month Chakra Workshops, The Sevenfold Journey provides a step-by-step approach to healing and balancing one’s life using contemporary psychotherapeutic techniques, yoga, bioenergetics, journal exercises, meditation, dance and ritual.

From the Introduction

“For many years now we have been leading groups of people through an exciting, upward journey through the chakras. The first time we made this journey, we offered the material in a weekly class. One chakra per week, with a week of introduction and a week to wrap it up, seemed simple enough. But each night the classes would end later and later, answering questions, processing people’s reactions, creating more take-home practices. We soon realized that the chakra system is so profound, with the subject matter of each chakra bringing up so much personal material from each student, that we had to allow people a minimum of one month for each level in order to absorb it all. Even so some levels, first chakra grounding for example, take much longer. Other chakras take longer for different people because they have special interests or deeper issues in that area.

“From this experience the Nine Month Chakra Intensive evolved. For the last six years we have focused and fused, muscled and mused our way up and down the chakra ladder, creating and re-creating new and different teaching materials. This book is a compilation of those materials. With this book, you can go through the process at your own pace, spending longer on the chakras that need the attention and being the master of your own spiritual growth program. Our goal is integration – of the body and mind, spiritual and practical, inner and outer. Through healing ourselves, we heal the world around us.

“What follows is a step-by-step approach to a profound spiritual system. Working in this system is not merely a matter of understanding, but of integrating that understanding into all the workings of your life…”

Publisher: Crossing Press (April, 1993)