Inner Ethics

Inner Ethics:

Examining Counter-transference with Compassion

Ethical issues pertain to longings, feelings, and motivations which resonate at our very core. Our drives toward (and away from) money, sexuality, power, love, truth, inspiration, and oneness are the most powerful forces in our lives.

How can we expect that these drives will not intrude in one way or another into our relationships with clients? This workshop helps participants explore personal countertransference and transference issues that arise in all counseling and healing work.

Explore how self-compassion and self-reflection can help you navigate the deep and often confusing relationship between client and caregiver and help you prevent the harmful consequences of misconduct.

Learn how to enter more fully into truly healing relationships with your clients by avoiding unconscious patterns that can lead to ethical pitfalls.

Designed for teachers, students, or practicing therapists and healers who want to become more conscious in their relationships with clients and to teach a model for practitioners to use in peer and self-supervision.

You will receive information on the differences in ethical issues when working with clients in profound states of consciousness so that you can provide greater safety and guidance to your clients.

This program is based on the book The Ethics of Caring by Kylea Taylor, which provides a unique model for transforming the understanding and practice of ethics in healing relationships.

Kylea Taylor, M.S. & Selene Vega, Ph.D.