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Moving Into Sacred Realms (article)

Entering Creative Consciousness (article)

Guiding the Journey: Facilitating Transformative Experiences

(Workshop with Selene Kumin Vega, Ph.D.)

Danda Nata Festival 1996 (article)


The purpose of ritual is to change the mind of the human being. It’s sacred drama in which you are the audience as well as the participant and the purpose of it is to activate parts of the mind that are not activated by everyday activity. . . As for why ritual, I think that human beings have a need for art and art is ritual. I think that when we became sapient, we became capable of artistic expression. – Sharon Devlin

Ritual is to the internal sciences what experiment is to the external sciences. – Timothy Leary

Ritual cuts through and operates on everything besides the “head” level. In this culture, this heady, agnostic, Christian, scientific, materialist culture, ritual is ignored. Since ritual is a need, and since the mainstream of Western civilization is not meeting this need, a great deal of what’s happening these days is simply people’s attempts to find ways to meet this need for themselves. – Aidan Kelly

(The purpose of rituals is) to end, for a time, our sense of human alienation from nature and from each other. Ritual seems to be one method of reintegrating individuals and groups into the cosmos, and to tie in the activities of daily life with their ever present, often forgotten, significance. It allows us to feel biological connectedness with ancestors who regulated their lives and activities according to seasonal observances. Just as ecological theory explains how we are interrelated with all other forms of life, rituals allow us to re-create that unity in an explosive, nonabstract, gut-level way. Rituals have the power to reset the terms of our universe until we find ourselves suddenly and truly “at home.” – Margot Adler

Ritual is a spiritual psychodrama done for magical or religious purposes. – P.E.I. Bonewits

Initiation means The Journey Inwards: nothing is changed or can be changed; but all is trulier understood with every step. – Aleister Crowley

The first stage of ritual is almost always the rise of the singer on his own song to a plane of power – a place of contact with the forces that move the universe. The words and sounds of a song are only the small visible aspect of a far greater mystery which lies beneath and beyond syntactical speech. – Jamake Highwater