Fall shifts, inside and out

I have been feeling the shift that comes for me in fall. Slowing down, not so interested in getting out and about. I’ve missed several events that sounded wonderful because I just couldn’t get myself to make the drive out into the world beyond our place here at Skyote Mountain. Not that my energy is low – I’ve been working hard every other day with Rene’, clearing large French broom bushes from an area on our land that had been totally overgrown. We thought we’d be doing the hard labor of pulling them up from the ground with the weed wrench, but it seems that most of them have died. What’s left is a huge tangle of dead matter, still an effort to break and gather and stack in piles to be burned.

I’m enjoying the last of the summer fruit – plums seem to be the last holdover at the farmer’s market – and diving into the fall fruit. Persimmons, both the hard fuyu and the soft, sweet hachiya, along with pomegranates, and feijoa (pineapple guava), and pears. And of course, apples. The vegetables are shifting as well – I’m savoring the red and yellow and orange bell peppers, knowing that their time will soon be over. Last night our neighbor brought over some wild fall mushrooms he’d gathered, which we cooked up with garlic for a tasty snack together.

I’ve been running a day behind on my photo collages, and have been very lax about posting them, so I’ll finish up October here, and then start on November’s eating with the next blog.