Lunch at Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude has just opened up in Santa Cruz, and I met a friend there for lunch Wednesday. Delicious food! And what a bonanza for my friend who is currently on an elimination diet and can’t have dairy or wheat. I do find the names a bit off-putting – we shared an order of “I am Trusting” and “I am Elated”.  I believe that these descriptors come best from an internal state, rather than an attempt to impose them on ourselves. The best use I can find for them is that I can then ask myself just how trusting or elated I feel, and allow the answer to come from within. I will say that the dessert we shared, “I am Devoted”, a lovely mixture of coconut cream and dates, left us both elated – at least temporarily! I liked the food enough to buy the recipe book on my way out.