My computer is back, but we’re setting it up with a new, larger hard drive – which means installing everything from scratch. Some of it is just time-consuming, other parts require the assistance of my in-home tech service – my husband, Rene’. He has his own deadlines to deal with, so I am in waiting mode on my process of completely transferring my work back to my own computer. Not that there isn’t plenty to do, around the house, and even on the computer (as fragmented as that process is right now, spread over three computers!) but I am certainly confronted with my own impatience in the process!

It reminds me of what happens when I move – I feel compelled to unpack everything and get it all set up right away. Forget about sleep or anything else – I want my things to be accessible and my space to be organized asap. Even my experience of developing tennis elbow after a full night of putting books on shelves (I have a lot of books) has not dampened the inner pressure I feel until I am set up and settled in.

Ah, well. Another opportunity to observe my reactions and practice calming and soothing myself.