My own version of convention eating

I had my last breakfast at my friend Barby’s on Tuesday, August 2nd – fresh organic berries with Greek yogurt. I had food with me for the plane ride from Boston to Washington, DC, and then I was just waiting to see how food plans would develop when I met up with my mother, step-dad, and 12-year old niece. I bought some groceries while I had access to a car ride to a natural food store, then Thursday began the challenge of eating well in between back-to-back presentations and networking. After one day of not really getting enough food (Thursday), I did fairly well. I made good choices at the various hospitality suites and receptions, avoiding many plates of cookies and pastries that did not look exciting enough to be worth a planned indulgence. Friday I walked over to a natural food store, and between that walk and the back and forth from hotel to convention center, managed to get 14,000 steps in – along with developing a couple of blisters!