The choices we make about food

Just read Scott Tousignant’s blog, discussing his very reasoned and moderate approach to food choices. Definitely worth reading and thinking about! I gave a response expanding on my own thoughts about belief and values driven food choices (as opposed to fear driven nutrition), and thought I’d include it here:

I just want to point out a piece that I think is worth considering in our choices about what to buy, and that’s the health of the planet as well as my own body. When I look for grass-fed or organic dairy products, I am attempting to support farming practices that make for reasonable and healthy lives for the creatures whose milk I’ll be consuming, and for sustainability. So GMO is very high on my list of what to avoid, not just because I don’t think it’s good for me, but because I think the consequences of doing that are devastating for the planet. And although I am not completely vegetarian, I do care that the animal products I eat do not come from animals who were not cared for in a humane way.

You are right on when you say this is belief and values driven, I’m just suggesting that we look at our larger scale beliefs and values in making these decisions, not just the ones about the health of our own bodies.

Thanks again for bringing these issues up and encouraging everyone to look at them clearly and consciously!

I’ve been posting my daily food collages here as well as on Facebook, and got a question over on FB about why I am doing this. My friend Bill asked: “How does this help you? To take pictures of everything you eat I mean??? A curious mind wants to know.”

And my answer was: I started doing it as an accountability tool. Knowing I would take a photo of what I eat keeps me from mindlessly grabbing something and gobbling it down before I think about whether it’s a good choice or a reasonable amount. My food choices are generally very healthy, but I can easily eat more nuts and dried fruit than my body knows what to do with, or an extra piece or two of bread with nut butter or cheese or … you get the picture. This helps me make very conscious choices about what and how much I am eating. I’m delighted to discover that it is helping other people as well, by giving a visual aid for what healthy eating can look like, and some new inspiration about food combinations.

With that said, here are the past week or so of my daily food collages, several of which were during my long drive with my husband Rene’ up to Oregon and back and eating at the Faerieworlds festival in Eugene.

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